Sunday, July 23, 2017

Day 14 Afternoon Tea

Had initially planned on a Sunday service at St Paul's but I knew from the last few mornings we were not getting up early enough to make that with the late night last night. Had thought we'd fit something in before our Afternoon Tea, but in London stores are only allowed to be open 6 hours on a Sunday so we just shopped and ate. (Boy did we eat.) ************ I spent a bit of time back home finding the right tea. I wanted one that served a good gluten free afternoon tea, that had ambiance, was well known. Landed on Fortnum and Mason.********** We got there about an hour before our time slot to shop. I knew that I could ship our purchases home so we looked at teas and biscuits then I found a teacup I wanted. Started the process with their staff on shipping things home while Alicia continued looking for the perfect teacup for herself. Finished that up and headed upstairs to the tea. A man played songs from "The Sound of Music" as we entered on the piano. Such a beautiful place. We ordered the tea of our choosing and then they brought our treats out. The whole time was really nice. At the end the waiter, Jose, knew I liked the gluten free items so he boxed up quite a lot for me and then didn't leave Alicia out and brought her her own box of goodies. It was really the best time. ************ We then walked down the street to Waterstones, our new favoritist bookstore ever! The way this store was set up is really for book lovers. We left the town feeling very content and happy with the day. ************* Lesson learned: Clotted cream and scones is a British pastime. But now I know it's like a good biscuit with really fancy shmancy butter. 😆 very yummy though.