Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 7 English!

Today we said goodbye to Paris and moved on to London. We were a little worried about how the Eurostar was going to work but it went smoothly. We were very lucky to have very friendly passport and customs people today. The Eurostar was very comfortable and time went quickly. We couldn't check in to our hotel so we dropped our luggage off and headed to the British Museum. I have been looking forward to this but when we got there the lines were insane. I had read there are never queues but there were massive school groups there. We gave up on that and just wandered around. Hung in Russell Square, a park, and shopped a bit.
Headed back to the hotel where we watched British tv. So far we are impressed with the shows. And always nice to watch new commercials! For dinner we found Pizza Express. It was one of the many gluten free options in the area. Yummy. We then grabbed some dessert to take back to our room where we are planning on watching the finals of The British Voice kids. Can't do much more today as things close early on Sundays. ***********Lesson Learned: Alicia has mentioned going to colleges in bigger cities before. But she's definitely realized she likes her small town. These big cities, and the mad amount of peple everywhere we go, intimidate her a little. Feeling good about Corban having a chance now.


momaof4 said...

Catching up! Hope you're having a good time! Hugs

godizlife said...

Woohoo england.know the language