Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day 17 hello Rome

This morning the alarm woke me at 3:30 am. By 4:30 we were on our way to Gatwick Airport in London. Flight was easy and we were at Romes airport at noon. My luggage was one of the first off and we waited and waited for Alicia's. I was nervous but Alicia was fine. Hers was one of the last off but it was there! Onto Rome. Our hotel is the cutest thing ever. I already want to cancel all plans and just hang out here and in the neighborhood. But that won't happen. We got our room and were of f to sleep. After a little nap I headed to the appetizer hour and then when Alicia was awake enough we headed off for our evening tour, "Moon over the Colosseum." This started at 10:10 pm so we took our time walking there. Had some gelato, took pictures, crossed some crazy Italian roads without being hit. It was nice to have a late tour so it had cooled down quite a bit by then. Also they only let so many people in so it was not crowded at all. Highly suggest it. Then it was back to the hotel and as I write this it is already 12:50 am! Where does the time go! Lesson learned: "That 3 weeks is a long time to be gone." This is from Alicia and I concur. We are having fun but we are very ready to be home. Also watching tv in England was great but now we are back in a foreign speaking country and there won't be as much tv in the evening before bed. I think when you hear foreign language all day long you get homesick a bit quicker.

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godizlife said...

Beautiful. Yes hearing other languages all at does make u feel alone,homesick.. good to remember with exchange students.