Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 3 The Paris landmarks

Started our morning off early. 2 am! Ha. It's nice to spend time with Alicia chatting. We finally went down to breakfast at 7:30. Been looking forward to food for many many hours. It was a good spread. Back to the room to kill time before leaving around 8:30 for our walk to the Eiffel Tower! *********** Tickets to go up are for 10 am and I thought an hour and a half would be plenty. We made one stop at a Metro Station to get weekly travel passes and made it to the tower with about 5 minutes to spare. That was a bit of a hike. ( We took a bus back to the hotel after.) The Eiffel Tower is pretty cool but it rained on us and somehow being rained on kinda kills the mood. Very glad I can say I've done it but no desire to ever go again. We could see them getting the area ready for July 14, their independence day of sorts. There is also a building that is celebrating the Olympics coming in 2024.
(On a side note, it rained off and on ALL day. It was also warm when it wasn't raining so it was so hard to get comfortable.) ************We decided to take a bus back to the hotel to dry off and charge Alicia's phone before heading to our reservations at Angelina's for a late lunch. Angelina's is one off those places I knew without a doubt we'd be visiting. To many travel shows mention their hot chocolate to not try for ourselves. Unfortunately by the time we got there I was hot and there was no way I was ordering that. Alicia did and she LOVED it. The food was also good and the place is cute, if extremely crowded.
We then headed to the Louvre for a two hour tour I had set up. This was excellent. With a museum the size it is we would have been lost without guidance. Realy amazing pieces there. I'm drawn to statues and sculptures. Then it was back to our room for showers and bed. Our feet are done. Sad feet, it's only day 3!
Lessons learned: the Louvre is hot. We were sweating. Many people were sweating. Wear a summer dress!


godizlife said...

Enjoy reading. Keep em coming

rachel w said...

Wow! These pictures are fabulous. I'm glad you are having fun already.